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American Retiree, Sheila Describes Arthur Maderson as a Modern Day Monet (Demo)

    I should tell you a bit about myself.   I am 66 years old and retired from teaching special education, in the public school system, 5 years ago.    When I originally read that Arthur taught children who were handicapped , I sure could relate.     I was an artistic child and wanted to major in Art at university,but when I was 17 , my family told me no, that it would not be something that would be financially able to support me.  I remember that afternoon clearly because I always felt that something died that day.   So I ended up majoring in education and art was in the background for the next 30 years.   Now that I am retired, I am exploring the path not taken.    My interest in Arthur and admiration for his work goes far beyond simple appreciation of beautiful work.    His colors, values , subject matter  and impressionism make my spirit sing !  He is perfect to me !   He is like a modern day Monet only with more spirit / edginess .    Monet was pretty , pastoral  – I love Monet.   But when I saw Arthur’s work , he is Monet with real life people and the spirit and body language that people bring with them !    Arthur’s use of Value is more pronounced and I think better than Monet.  I appreciate this as I struggle with Values !    So this painting will have a position of honor and respect for a great artist in my home and will go to my son one day !    I can not believe that I am able to purchase such a work of art at this level !!   I am thrilled ! 

  So this gives you an idea of how much this painting is wanted and respected and the artist admired !

After reading everything I could about Arthur for 3 years and looking at his paintings via the computer, it will take time for me to accept that I own one of his paintings.   The beautiful rose and yellows  against the light blues and the warm against cool and the dark against light  and the gorgeous children  who lead the eye throughout the work –  I am in heaven !  The broken brushstrokes and the wonderful colors woven throughout !   I shall love this painting to my last day !!   
   I found the card that Arthur wrote and I am so impressed that he took the time .    It means a lot to me !   That card will stay with the painting.  God gave Arthur something special and I can see and feel it so clearly !

I am beyond happy !