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Solo Arte has for the past 20 years handled artworks from a host of European artists, that include Pablo Picasso (Spanish), Gottfried Helnwein (Austrian), Alfons Walde (Austrian), Franz Posch (Austrian), Anna Maria Rossi-Zen (Italian), Jan Verhees (Dutch), Franz Lettner (Austrian), Kenneth Webb (UK), Sir Alfred J Munnings (UK), Margit Piffer (Austrian)

'No Shades of Grey'

By German Artist, Anna Schellberg

July 27th – August 7th, 2021
Coastguard Cultural Center, Tramore, Co. Waterford

colorful painting of a woman smoking

Anna Schellberg

– German Artist

Anna Schellberg is a multi-faceted artist from Hamburg (Germany) who initially comes from a journalistic background. Her personal history also always has an impact on her art. With her paintings Anna Schellberg wants to tell stories. Shattered dreams, lost hopes or broken personalities find their way into her art, but also the intertwining of past, present and future are themes that will be found repeatedly in her works.

By blurring, deconstructing, fragmenting or even destroying the smoothness of the surface Anna wants to put the focus on what lies beneath . When we look at people’s faces we often assume that we already know much about their personalities. But it is what is hidden behind the surface, which makes the whole. There is no such thing as one truth, for everybody has got their own truth.

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Sculpture of a woman reading a book while laying down

Jan Verhees

– Sculptor

Jan works with acrylics, oil paints, pastels and various mixing techniques on canvas, paper and wood-panels, or expresses his ideas in the shape of small sculptures (mainly bronze a ‘cire perdue’).

Jan doesn’t feel bound by established schools or ‘ismn’, but likes to make -while working- use of all available means and possibilities; this in the conviction that every form of expressing oneself is the right one as long as it touches the viewer. Favourite topics : moving animals, people in mutual contact, female body lines.