James Brohan (1952) – Irish Artist

James Brohan, one of Ireland’s favourite artists, is now a master in looking as well as painting. His attention to his subjects, result in wonderful versions of places and people. Brohan favours the palette knife when producing his paintings. This choice of tool has developed into what is now his favoured technique, impasto. The textural surface, bring the richness of each of his paintings to life. Still life, landscapes, street scenes, horse fairs and market scenes are amongst the subjects Brohan captures with bright tones and colours.

Born in Dublin in 1952 he studied painting and anatomy under the direction of Yann Goulet, RHA from 1985-86. His influence on James was to look and observe, and he told Brohan ‘If you cant see it you cant paint it’, thus an artist should be able to look and capture in his minds eye the subject, movement, colour, tone and feeling of what he is about to paint. He continued his studies at the Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Design and later attended the National College of Art and Design, studying under Des Carrick, RHA. James Brohan lives and works in Co. Wicklow, Ireland.


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