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Jia Aili (1979) (Demo)

Jia Aili was born in 1979 in Liaoning provenance, China. Born in the era of open economy and increasing prosperity in China, Jia represents a young generation’s worry for losing traditions and values in the fast evolving world and his work reflects the dramatic changes in Chinese society after the reform and opening policy. Using the strong traditional painting technique and Old-Master-inspired painting style, he deftly combines the socio-economic development of China and its wider implications.

Born and raised as part of the sibling-less generation, Jia translates his artistic language to define the plight of the lonely generation, abandoned by the state’s relentless pursuit for a technological progress.

Jia Aili is regarded as one of the most exciting emerging artists in China

Auction Record (2015): US$ 1,419,00

Average Auction Sales Price (2015): US$ 647,015