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London Calling for Irish Artists and Poets Ahead of Exhibition (Demo)

THE organisers of the next London Irish Art exhibition have issued a call out for Irish visual artists (painting, mixed media, sculpture) and Irish poets living in Britain.
London Irish Art organiser’s Martin Davis (Sol Art Gallery) and Patrick Keegan (Solo Arte) will take over 3,000 square feet of space in the historic Central Hall Westminster next year to showcase the best of Irish visual and literary artists, giving them the chance to promote and showcase their work to the public.
The exhibition will take place from January 14-17, opened by Minister for Diaspora, Jimmy Deenihan.
Winners for the art competition will be granted as £2,000 prize, while winners of the poetry competition will be published in a limited edition book.
“As London holds the largest Irish Diaspora in the world, this exhibition endeavours to represent an ongoing dialogue between these two countries.
“Striving to build ties and cultural relations with the Irish art scene in Britain, this event is organised to provide artists with cross border exposure,” explains Martin Davis.
The exhibition will also present works by the celebrated Irish artist Louis Le Brocquy, as well as Francis O’Toole and renowned Irish sculptors John Behan and Aidan Harte, and Dingle painter Liam O’Neill.
London-based Irish artists will be represented by Aisling Conroy, Kevin McAleenan and Niall Leavy.
A total of 50 per cent of the artists participating will be sourced from the Irish Diaspora living in Britain.
Artists and poets should email info@solart.ie for details. Deadline for submissions is November 30